Just another lil’ interruption

OK, I know. I missed yesterday. There’s a reason, I swear.

Back in August, I presented a paper at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Since then, I’ve continued to send out journal and presentation proposals. There were some good ones in there: for the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein, a discussion of the Doctor as Byronic hero, demonstrating the lasting impact through a comparison to the Baltar character in Battlestar Galactica; an exploration of the subversion of gender expectations in Titus Andronicus, linking the play’s setting during the decline of the Roman Empire to that subversion. Alas, those two were declined.

However, one of the proposals was selected. And in March I’ll be presenting at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association conference in Indianapolis, discussing the Shakespearean allusions in the first season of the HBO series Westworld and how they deepen the themes of the series. And yesterday, I began to work on the project. Just taking notes at this point, but starting to think about it in earnest. And between that and beginning work on the major paper for my “Post/Colonial Encounters” class for my Masters Program, time disappeared. So mea freakin’ culpa.

But today, I’m back in The Tempest, with some Caliban-centric entries later this week.

I promise.

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