Friday Film… nah, a report from the classroom

Yes, it’s Friday, the day I usually do a Friday Film Focus. Well, that’s not going to happen today. Instead, I’ve got some video for you to watch. Remember last week, when I discussed my upcoming lesson on physicalizing the imagery in Casca’s first-act freakout speech in Julius Caesar?

Well, it’s upcoming no more, babies.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen some highlights:

Period 1 presentation highlight:

Period 6 rehearsal snippet:

Period 6 presentation highlight:

(Of course, there were some lowlights as well… but no video on those. I figure a fall is a fail only if you don’t get up, and I did get up off the floor from a fifth period fall to have greater success in sixth period, so I’ll count that as one for the “W” column)

But since Instagram has a limit as to how long the video can be, here are the full length exercises:

[well, shoot… they’re too big for this WordPress site as well. Damn…]

I think it went pretty well. Sure, there’s a wide spectrum of thought taking place there (the stirring the pot gesture for “saucy” was pretty inventive, if not denotatively accurate), so I’m happy with the fact we could pull that off in less than 55 minutes.

Next week, I’ve got an Antony funeral oration exercise planned…more on that this weekend.

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