He cannot be contained…

Greetings, all.

Sorry for the lack of posts–you know the story (btw, the subbing gig is going very well…having a great time working on short stories with my standard classes [getting ready to move into expository writing] and using GoodTickleBrain as inspiration for the Honors students’ examination of Fahrenheit 451). I’ve been watching some The Tempest videos in what downtime I can carve out, and it looks like in the coming weeks, I’ll be able to come up for air, which means I look to dive back into that play in a more active manner.

That said, today’s entry is something a little different…

I’ve discussed before a project that I got exposed to through a random email: The Container Globe project.

In short, they mean to create a mobile reconstruction of the Globe Theater out of shipping containers. Ambitious. Damned-near crazy. Pretty freaking cool, if you ask me.

I’ve been following their progress for the last year, and their crowd-sourced fundraising campaign is drawing to a close (just a few days left).

Check it out…

Their Patronicity page with info can be found here.

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