The Bill / Shakespeare Project presents: This Week in Shakespeare news, for the week ending Monday, October 30th, 2017


This week’s extra spooky Halloween Shakespeare news review podcast includes festival line-ups, and a Merchant of Venice from Down Undah. PLUS our usual recap of this week’s daily highlights in Shakespearean history.

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Music Credits

“A Night with the Jersey Devil” written and performed by Bruce Springsteen, released 2009.


Podcast Credits

This podcast was recorded with a Yeti microphone by Blue Microphones on an iPad Air 2, using GarageBand for iOS. It was then edited in Adobe Audition Creative Cloud on a Dell Inspiron 3847 computer.

The bumper music (Blue Nuke) and the segue music (Sonic Chaos) are courtesy of Royalty Free, which offers a comprehensive music library of production music for your various royalty free music needs including full albums, tracks and free music clips, loops, and beats available for download.

The royalty-free “commercial” music (Moose) is courtesy of Bensound, which offers great royalty-free music as well, some of it free!

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