Exciting news!

OK, as I’ve mentioned before here in the blog and in the podcast, there’s going to be some major interruptions to blog entries for the next two months or so.

“Why?” You ask?

Well, I got that substitute teaching gig. Three preps, though luckily all I taught before (of course, that was over 20 years ago). At the furthest possible campus. And it starts Friday. You know, the day after tomorrow. Excited, but more than a little nervous. It’ll be all right, I’m sure, but you know me…

But wait, there’s more…

Over the weekend, I was notified that a paper proposal I submitted for an early spring conference was accepted, so I’m dying to get a start on that paper and presentation.

So, why the interruptions?

Both of those, above and beyond my mod Brit Lit course…and–of course–this blog.

I’m going to try to publish something up every day, but I can’t guarantee it.

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