Can you believe it?

A new month, another play: The Winter’s Tale.

This is our penultimate play (though, realistically speaking, it’s not… when this is all said and [not] done, I’m going to hit up some of the “other” works…but not until I’ve done the poetry).

I can’t believe this year is half over.

I can’t believe we’re already (!?) to The Winter’s Tale.

Full disclosure: The next two months may seem a little scattered on this blog. This month we have two family trips–one, a couple of days away for Lisa and me; the other, our yearly sojourn to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Next month, I’m off to Cedar City to present at the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s Wooden O Symposium. And since it’s summer, there’s other Shakespeare to be had under the stars–so expect some reviews.


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  1. Dang! We won’t be getting in until late afternoon or so on the 31st, and I’ll bet you’ll be leaving first thing in the morning. Maybe next year….???

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