Thanks. (and fun with stats)

Five days into this new month, and I just want to take a chance to say thanks.


Well, last month was the Project’s best in terms of visits to the site, marking a nice trend of average daily attendance increases since we relaunched the project in July of 2014…

That’s a pretty nice trend. And if you look at it, you can see some regularity in dips and valleys. There are usually visit increases in the fall (Sept-Nov), with a slight dip in December, then regaining its footing in January then growing steadily through May, with a huge drop off in June and a flatness over summer, with increases starting back up in September.


This blog is getting read by students and teachers during a typical September-June scholastic year. Which pleases me to no end.

Thank you to students for learning, and teachers who do the finest profession in the world. This, coming from a former teacher…and one who is in the midst of renewing a long-lapsed credential.

Thanks again, and tomorrow…back to Coriolanus!

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