Lookee, Lookee…do you know what this means??? (hint, it might become “PERIODIC”-cal)

A couple of days back, look what (FINALLY) came in the mail…

The New Oxford Shakespeare: Authorship Companion
The New Oxford Shakespeare: Authorship Companion


It’s only been since–I don’t know: NOVEMBER–since I ordered it. It finally printed, and it’s finally arrived. And what is IT, you might ask.

Last fall, one of the biggest stories in the Shakespeare world was the announcement of publication of the New Oxford Shakespeare, which would re-designate which plays Shakespeare had a hand in writing (for example, giving Christopher Marlowe co-author credit for the Henry VI plays). Well, there’s The Complete Works, which is exactly what it purports to be, and then there’s the Authorship Companion, which delves into the attribution question, with a DEEP dive into the methodology used (perfect…for my geeky head–so I thought, but much of this is flying way above me). And it’s the Authorship Companion that’s now in my hands!

But do you know what this means?

A new, updated and improved Periodic Table of Shakespeare is in the works!

But that’s still a bit away…

Oh, and The Complete Works? It won’t be published until the end of MAY!

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