More on that BBC homo-eroticism…

OK, so yesterday, in my review of the 1983 BBC Complete Works film of Coriolanus, I talked a little about what I perceived as homoerotic aspect in the piece.

I’ve been asked if maybe I’m reading too much into this.

Judge for yourself…

I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube channel (and the Coriolanus playlist) with the three scenes in question. Am I reading too much into it?

[NOTE: YouTube has blocked the video for copyright purposes; I have filed a dispute and am appealing….but until then, slideshows will have to suffice…]

The first act shirtless battle:


The fourth act meeting:


The final act death:

Like I said yesterday, it’s not like the play doesn’t have those elements (it does), but this execution does feel a little clumsily heavy-handed, right?

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