More on that BBC homo-eroticism…

OK, so yesterday, in my review of the 1983 BBC Complete Works film of Coriolanus, I talked a little about what I perceived as homoerotic aspect in the piece.

I’ve been asked if maybe I’m reading too much into this.

Judge for yourself…

I’ve uploaded a video to my YouTube channel (and the Coriolanus playlist) with the three scenes in question. Am I reading too much into it?

[NOTE: YouTube has blocked the video for copyright purposes; I have filed a dispute and am appealing….but until then, slideshows will have to suffice…]

The first act shirtless battle:

Aufidius, shirtless
Martius, shirtless
Martius, shirtless, framed by Aufidius' semi-nude body
begin choking...
stop choking; have a moment; scene ends mid-moment...


The fourth act meeting:

framing; not face-to-face
Aufidius begins a choke of his own...
Martius leans back, exposes more of neck
Aufidius releases
more hug: reaching down
even more hug: under the shirt
finally face-to-face
Aufidius cradles Martius' face
Aufidius pulls Martius in
Martius smiles...


The final act death:

wrestle for the sword
Aufidius gains control
Aufidius lines up the shot...
deeper thrust
who's killin' who here?
to kill, to die...
"die" had another meaning in Shakespeare's day
the end

Like I said yesterday, it’s not like the play doesn’t have those elements (it does), but this execution does feel a little clumsily heavy-handed, right?