Podcast 145: Interview Special — Melissa Chalsma and David Melville of Independent Shakespeare Co.


This week’s podcast breaks from Pericles, with the first part of an interview with the founders of the Independent Shakespeare Co., Melissa Chalsma and David Melville, plus a little shameless self-promotion.

[a mea culpa: I took my bare-bones recording rig down to LA (iPad and Blue Yeti microphone). Now the mic’s pretty damned sensitive, so any move of (or it seems around) the table on which I placed the mic, gives us some soft thudding sounds. So I apologize for that; next time, I’m taking the full rig (boom mic stand and whole bit). I cannot apologize, however, for the occasional sounds of the LA Metro rumbling nearby (man, those trains are loud).]

00:00 – Begin podcast
00:28 – Opening
01:55 – Part one of Chalsma/Melville interview
24:45 – A little self-promotion
25:40 – Much ado about Much Ado
26:49 – Closing
28:49 – End podcast

Podcast Credits

This podcast was recorded with a Yeti microphone by Blue Microphones on an iPad Air 2, using GarageBand for iOS. It was then edited in Adobe Audition Creative Cloud on a Dell Inspiron 3847 computer.

The bumper music (Loop 90) and the segue music (Morning Show Segue) are courtesy of Royalty Free Music.com, which offers a comprehensive music library of production music for your various royalty free music needs including full albums, tracks and free music clips, loops, and beats available for download.


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