Going this weekend: Macbeth

Been a crazy week, so just a quick note. My wife, son, and I have tickets for the Sunday matinee of Macbeth by the Ensemble Theatre Company at the New Vic in Santa Barbara…

Looking forward to it… I’ve seen the play live only twice. Once in Ojai in 1991 (I remember Macbeth’s severed head wrapped in a towel looking like a roast baron of beef…one of the items to be served at our upcoming wedding), and again at Kingsmen in 2009 (I honestly don’t remember a thing about it…but it looks from press clippings that the curse hit and hit hard).

So needless to say, I’ve got high hopes (but realistic expectations)…

Here’s a preview to it.

Yeah, this looks like it has some possibilities. And double double yeah, early next week, I’ll toil (hopefully not troubled) and have a review.

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