Happy Labor Day! [and meat the Bard-dog (meat, meet, get it?)]

Have a great day off!

Read some Shakespeare!

Have a hot dog… (recipe after the jump!)

The Bard-Dog:

  1. Spiral-cut a hot dog (my preference is turkey…yeah, it sounds boring, but let’s just call it the delivery system).
  2. Wrap the dog with a piece of bacon, sliding the bacon into that slice you just made.
  3. Grill like crazy, cooking that bacon, allowing the spiral cut to expand and give the dog more surface area to brown up.
  4. Take your hot dog bun, put a thin bead of mustard along the seam (I like a good jalapeno mustard, but spicy brown will work just as well).
  5. To one side of the mustard, put a thin strand of jalapeno relish.
    and this is the key…
  6. To the other side of the mustard, put a layer of kimchi (the spicy Korean fermented slaw).
  7. Nestle that bacon-wrapped dog between the relish and the kimchi.


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