Containing Shakespeare

Like I said a couple of weeks back, I get the occasional email. And occasionally from those, there’s something cool that comes across the internet transom that I just gotta share…

Tuesday was one of those days…


You know how Tuesday is when I release my This Week in Shakespeare podcast. Well, I was sent link to an article in Architecture Daily regarding a project called the Container Globe: “a punk re-imagining of Shakespeare’s original Globe.”

They’re looking to create a movable re-creation of the Globe, built out of re-purposed shipping containers. [sounds a bit like the Pop-Up Globe project out of New Zealand, but the groups are not connected, and this one’s here in the states.]

It’s a pretty damned cool idea.

And it got cooler when I watched the founder’s TedX Talk

What touched me immediately was his connecting his life to the seminal experiences of music and Shakespeare. Replace his Sex Pistols with Springsteen, and his Hopkins-starring Lear with my Hopkins-starring Tempest, and … well, let’s just say, I get it. I dig the whole “punk rock” vibe… and its multipurpose and totally green aspects.

The project looks to begin a Kickstarter campaign next year to raise the funds to raise the theater in Detroit.

Sounds like a pretty damned cool idea…

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