A tease

OK, folks, you know me, always thinkin’…

And you know, I do workshops and presentations on Shakespeare. In the last year and a half, I’ve delivered talks on sonnets, blank verse, teaching Shakespeare, Shakespeare resources, the historical context of Julius Caesar, and Time in Romeo and Juliet.

But now I’m working on something new…

It’s based on Shakespeare’s history tetralogies, from Richard II to Richard III, and all the Henrys in between. It’s just a shame there were no Thomases in there… then I could call it “Every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Shakespeare’s Histories.” (though there are some Johns…)

I’m putting it together now so it could change before its final form, but right now, it’ll be an interactive presentation (based on audience participation) where I’ll explain the historical context, family connections, and Shakespearean distorting of fact, for the period covered in those plays.

I don’t want to give too much away right now, but I think I have a title:

Chopping Down the Tree, Once Cut at a Time
(or “Family Ties in Shakespeare’s History Tetralogies [abridged]”)

The goal is to pilot this out to a couple of libraries gratis, then put it on the menu of paid presentations. More to come…

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