YOU direct!

I had planned, and really wanted, to discuss man and masculinity today, following up on yesterday’s discussion of the “unsex me here” speech. But alas, time (unlike tomorrows) does not creep in a petty pace for me right now. No, my Bard brethren, I’m a tad pre-occupied…

Greetings from Omaha, Nebraska!

Why am I here? Well, earlier this spring, my older boy Kyle qualified to swim in the US Olympic Swimming trials. We’ve got no delusions nor illusions (I mean he’s ranked around #100), but it’s an honor for him to be invited here (because that’s #100 in the whole freakin’ nation). And it’s a thrill to be here.

We’ve been here since Thursday, but I was able to front-load some content for this blog. Up until today. Tomorrow is his event (the 100M Breaststroke), and I was able to pre-record tomorrow’s podcast. We’ll be returning home on Tuesday, so no guarantees on Monday’s entry (though I can guarantee that Tuesday’s regularly scheduled “This Week in Shakespeare” podcast will be delayed at least one day.

I trust you understand!

But not to leave you a lurch, I do want to point out a killer new site I discovered this week: Mix the Play! It comes from the Old Vic Theatre and the British Council, and allows users to “direct” the Titania/Bottom scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You choose the actress, you choose the time setting, some costuming for Bottom and the music used, and then you get to see your vision acted out.

It’s pretty damned cool.

Check it out!


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