Dare to read Macbeth…

So. King Lear is now in our rear view mirror.

Up ahead, I see Scotland on the horizon. Three bearded women are thumbing a ride. I think I’ll pick ‘em up.

Yep, this week, we begin Macbeth.

[courtesy Slate]

Ah, where to begin…

Kurzel’s Macbeth [courtesy: flixster.com]
I’m not sure if I’ll attempt to do the Scottish play in three months or go back to two.

Polanski’s Macbeth [courtesy: moviepilot]
At this point (hopeful as I am), I’m leaning toward just a two-month excursion.

Patrick Stewart as Macbeth [courtesy: Telegraph]
The play’s short, but I’ve just started a Literary Theory and Criticism course (and it looks brutal), so we’ll see.

Welles’ Macbeth [courtesy vice]
Regardless, we leave “nothing” behind and ahead is tomorrow and

Branagh’s Macbeth [courtesy windows]
tomorrow and

McKellen and Dench as the Macbeths [courtesy glogster]


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