BBC/Shakespeare’s Globe: The Complete Walk – Macbeth

Yesterday, we had a double-shot of Shake-y goodness: a timely Oxford University Press blog on witches which touches our current play Macbeth, as well as the Project’s first guest correspondent’s review of the recent Kennedy Center panel discussion of Shakespeare. Well, today, because I’m sure you won’t mind, we have another double-bill (see what I did there?)…not only do I have the second in our two(plus)-part discussion of sources for Macbeth, but we also have…

The release by the BBC of a handful of the 37 short films made by Shakespeare’s Globe that were shown as part of a 2.5 mile walking tour along the Thames, during the 400th death-iversary weekend a couple of months back. The BBC has, among others, the 10-minute films for Hamlet, Twelfth Night, Richard III, and The Tempest, all shot on location.

But seeing this is the time for our Macbeth discussion, I present to you their film on the Scottish Play.

With some well-chosen live scene selections (“Is this a dagger…”, the sleepwalking sequence, “Tomorrow and…”, and the climactic fight), it’s a solid piece of work. But what is truly great is the black-and-white, almost impressionistic film of the Porter’s speech. Nicely creepy…


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