Hooray, hooray, the Second of May!
no, wait–
A new give-away began yesterday!

For those of you who missed out on yesterday’s podcast (and shame on you if you did… you missed out on a fun conversation with Jean Hegland, author of Still Time), let me just re-announce our contest for the merry month of May…

The prize is straightforward enough…an autographed hardbound copy of Still Time:

And the contest? It’s a simple question, really:

“Who do you want to see tackle the role of Lear today?”

The only limitation is that the person (male or female) needs to be currently working (so no Richard Burton or even say Jack Nicholson [who hasn’t make a film in the last six years]).

Name your Lear and support your pick with some rationale. You can either tweet it to me with the hashtag #myLear4BSP — that’s the number 4 and the initials for the Bill / Shakespeare Project, or if you want to get more in-depth (i.e., longer than 140 characters) you can either put it into a comment in the thread of yesterday’s podcast, OR you can email it to me at bill [at]

Be aware, though, that our deadline is Wednesday, May 25. I’ll pick the winner on that day, and then contact the winner so I can record her/him read the pick and reason on the air for our end-of-month and end-of-play podcast (which will, of course, include my own Lear cast and concept).

So pick your Lear, and win an autographed copy of a great book.

[oh, and check out that interview… it’s a good one!]

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