King Lear: a deeper dive, previewed

So, the plot of King Lear is in the bag, and deeper readings have begun.

What should we talk about?

I’m putting together a list of possible discussion points, and here’s what I’ve got (this list isn’t comprehensive, but it is representative of where my head’s at right now):

  • historical basis
  • sources
  • two-text theory
  • versions in print
  • versions in production
  • Albany vs. Cornwall
  • France vs. Burgundy
  • ages
  • marriage(s)
  • the Lear family dynamic
  • madness
  • dementia
  • nature
  • eyesight
  • the Fool in theory (vs. practice)

…plus the usual suspects of bawdiness, concordance studies, midpoint, “by the numbers,” and the occasional infographic.

But what floats your boat? What would you like to see me tackle? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see what I can do (or maybe you’d like to contribute a blog entry, eh? hint hint).

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