Titus and Dronicus

Last May, I ran a quick blurb on a potential new web series, Titus and Dronicus, a private-eye parody that had a teaser trailer up on YouTube.


Well, I found out this weekend that last week, the first season of the web series launched. I’ve check it out and it is excellent; I loved it. The three-episode arc is a great comic take on Hamlet.

Titus and Dronicus comes to us from Better Than Shakespeare, an LA-based theatre and production company. Written and produced by Megan Kelly (a co-founder along with Kate Williams Grabau), Madhuri Shekar, and Seamus Sullivan, and directed by Liz Rizzo, this is a fun way to spend twenty or so minutes.

Titus Andronicus, season one

The Hamlet arc is smart and knowing, almost lovingly presented, focusing on the characters of Ophelia (a perfect commentator on what’s going on), Hamlet (appropriately confused and emotionally torn), and Horatio (who may be hiding a big secret…makes me want to rethink the play–sorta). And the two comically bickering detectives, hard-boiled lady dick Titus and less-than-soft-boiled Dronicus, are fun to watch; leads Zehra Fazal and Corey Walter Johnson have great chemistry.

You’ll laugh, you’ll … well, you won’t cry (unless you’re laughing that hard), but you will enjoy yourself!

Check it out… you will not be sorry. I only hope this is the first of many seasons of Titus and Dronicus!

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