Teachers Pay Teachers


Just a quick blast for today…

For those who haven’t heard of a great teaching resource (or a great resources for teaching resources), check out Teachers Pay Teachers, where teachers who have created great resources (handouts, lessons, units, worksheets, and the like), can upload and have other teachers download these resources to make their own teaching better.  (could I use “resources” more in a single sentence? I think not.) The creators can charge for their work (or they can offer it free).

Teachers Pay Teachers
Teachers Pay Teachers

And why am I telling you this?

Well, I’m happy to announce today that I have joined the TpT Community!

The Bill / Shakespeare Project – Teachers Pay Teachers page

You can check out my page, where I’ll be putting up some of the infographics I’ve created, including yesterday’s Othello Geography piece.

Currently, I only have my Romeo and Juliet Character Map in my store, available for free; but more will be coming soon!

Some of the pieces will be for free download, some will be for pay (and those PDFs will disappear from this site, sending you to the new TpT page)… don’t worry, though… for this month of January, all infographics will still be available on this site free of charge!

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