A look ahead?

OK, as I realized late last month, Othello is not going to go as quickly and easily as I originally planned (especially since I’m having a tougher time getting out of the post-mortem fog–not to mention a certain level of employment [or lack thereof] anxiety).

As the Roadmap projects, I had planned to have December of 2015 and January of 2016 for that old Moor of Venice, but it now looks that I will at least slip through to mid-February at the earliest, possibly the entirety of that shortest month of the year. I had originally planned for King Lear to run three months (Feb-Apr), but that’s looking more March through May, followed by Macbeth, Antony and Cleopatra, Timon of Athens, and Pericles straddling 2016/17.

A lot of this plan depends on how this month goes… whether I still am in a state of not-quite-with-it-ness, whether I’m still gainfully employed… but no matter what, the project will continue. Maybe with great leaps, maybe with baby steps, maybe just crawling from the wreckage.

Shakespeare in the leap year!

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