A Reluctant Decision

Hola, readers.

You know the last couple of weeks have been rough.

Now with logistics still to take care of (including an ash-spreading at sea and an Open House celebration tomorrow), and my college-attending son home for the holidays, and well, those holidays, I’ve had to make a decision–albeit reluctantly–for the sake of my (and my family’s) sanity:

I’m going to dial back on the blog these next two weeks.

Which means I’m probably going to have to make Othello either a 2 1/2-month or 3-month play. I had already planned to make the following play, King Lear, a three-month-er (due to its length–and two-version status)…so maybe these both go to 2 1/2 month and we keep the same long term schedule. Or maybe Othello and Lear both go 3… who knows.

Sorry for those of you who were looking forward to a little Moor in your holiday reading…but you could always go way, WAY back to Titus… there’s a pretty damned interesting Moor there.

But don’t you fret… I’ll still be publishing something every day. It might be a capsule video review (just finished watching the Trevor Nunn adaptation with an Iago by McKellen), it might be a news story, or it might just be a link to a Shakespeare site I dig.

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