English Presentation 2: Shades of Meaning – Three Shakespearean Sonnets

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’ve gone back to school to get my masters; I’m in the home stretch for the first course, Graduate Studies in the English Language, and for the class, I’ve had to do a couple of presentations. And two weeks ago, I posted the first one, on word formation and blending.

At that point, I promised another one, this one focused on Shakespeare. And here it is…

Shades of Meaning – Three Shakespearean Sonnets.” Enjoy!

[NOTE: as this discusses Sonnet 135, one of the “Will” poems, and some of Shakespeare’s contemporary meanings for “will” are, ahem, sexual in nature, be aware that the subject matter and language gets a little lot bawdier than you’d expect in a school presentation. You’ve been warned.]

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