YouTube channel update – Measure for Measure

I’ve updated the Bill / Shakespeare Project YouTube channel to include a playlist for Measure for Measure.

The playlist includes:

  • the 2011 Actors’ Community Theater production
  • two interviews with the director of the 2011 Royal Shakespeare Company production
  • a trailer and an artistic team interview from the 2015 Cheek by Jowl production
  • a trailer and a director interview from the 2014 Utah Shakespeare Festival production
  • a trailer for a 2007 film version
  • a trailer from the 2014 Fiasco Theater production
  • an interview with the creative staff of the 2011 Lumina Studio Theater production
  • a trailer from the 2014 Pennsylvania Shakespeare production
  • two short scenes from a 1979 version with Kate Nelligan
  • a scene and discussion from 1997 documentary with David Tennant
  • a scene from 2013 Gamut Theater production
  • a couple of lectures about the play
  • and a “Drunk Shakespeare” overview

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