Speaker Bureau Site Launches

Since April, I’ve been lucky enough to give a couple of Shakespeare presentations, first for the Ventura County Reading Association, the second for a group of students at Santa Clara Elementary School in Oxnard, California. Even got paid for one.

And it got me thinking.

This is what I should have been doing all along.

I’m an old dog, and in a sense these are old tricks, but papa’s got a brand new bag. (Yeah, to paraphrase the Tenth Doctor: “that sentence…It got away from me, yeah.”)

Thus, I’ve started up a speaker’s bureau. Created curricula. Wrote up lessons. Built a website (hey, real-world employment finally pays a benefit!). And am now putting it out into the world.

billwalthall.com: Speaker Bureau site
billwalthall.com: Speaker Bureau site

Take a look at billwalthall.com. There, you’ll find some pics from my recent presentations, an introductory video, and a rundown of all the presentations I can deliver (and if you don’t find one there that meets your needs, let me know… I’m sure we can put together something that will be perfect for you).

So, do your teachers or staff need to bolster their Bard bona fides? Does your school–public, private, home–need a workshop to bring Shakespeare alive for your students? Or does your group need a TED Talk-type presentation to re-introduce you to the greatest plays and poems ever written? You name it, I’ll bring it.

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