Don’t forget your chance at winning an autographed copy of Brendan Kelso’s Shakespeare for Kids: Julius Caesar!

Hey, don’t forget this month’s contest and your chance to win a copy of Shakespeare for Kids: Julius Caesar, autographed by its editor, Brendan P. Kelso. It’s a fine, fun piece of work, something you will want if you have kids, either personally or professionally (as a teacher).

Playing with Plays presents Shakespeare's Julius Caesar for Kids (edited by Brendan P. Kelso)
Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar for Kids (thanks to its editor Brendan P. Kelso providing a review copy!)

Here’s how:

Let me know about the best production/version/adaptation you’ve ever seen of this month’s play, Julius Caesar. Give me the basic W’s: when and where was it, who was in it, and–most important of all–what made it so good.

Drop it into the comment thread on the original contest announcement page… I’ll read ‘em all in the last podcast for Julius Caesar, and the first of the New Year on January 4, 2015. I’ll pick the best (in my own humble opinion), and if it’s yours, then you get the book!

Submission deadline is midnight, Wednesday, December 31 (that’s just 10 days away)… good luck (and win a great book)!

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