Magic in the Scansion: Philippi


How to pronounce it?

Well, there’s four different ways (as found online)

  • FILL eh PIE
  • FILL eh PEE
  • fe LIP pie
  • fe LIP pee

So on first glance, you’d think the name of the location for the play’s final battles would be one of the first two, with the stresses coming on the first and third syllables of the word.

However, if you take a look at the poetic meter of every line in which the word appears, pronouncing it with two stresses completely derails the rhythm of the line.

Every time.

So it needs to be said with a single stress falling in the center of the word.

What about that last syllable? pie or pee? That’s another matter…

I’ll have to take a look at those lines to see of there’s something in the context that makes that more apparent…

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