Julius Caesar: YouTube and Amazon

So, with a new play–Julius Caesar–comes some new stuff for you…

Our YouTube Channel now has a Julius Caesar playlist, including

  • a twelve-part breakdown of the BBC “Complete Works” production from 1978
  • a nine-part breakdown of the 1950 film adaptation with Charlton Heston as Antony
  • the trailer and clips from the 2012 Royal Shakespeare Company production
  • a Julius Caesar-centric clip from “The Cosby Show”
  • clips from the Chicago Shakespeare Company production of 2009
  • the trailer for the Bell Shakespeare’s 2011 and the Upstart Crow’s 2011 productions
  • the funeral oration by Charlton Heston from the 1970 adaption
  • a clip from a 2014 film version (by Square Talk)
  • a super-cut of the assassinations of Caesar
  • the two-part Human Fiction analysis of Julius Caesar (Ambiguity & Major Characters; The Tragic Hero, Theatrum Mundi, Stoicism)
  • the Spark Notes video

Also, our Amazon associates collection (see below in the left navigation bar) has multiple products including the Pelican paperback, video versions, some great reference materials (including Asimov, Partridge, and Keirnan), plus The Shakespeare Riots and the new novel Station Eleven. Buy using those links, and you support this website and the work we do!

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