Nothing: Everything’s on the table

Now that the plot, sources, and basic names are out of the way, I’m beginning to map out the direction of the discussion of Much Ado About Nothing. As a purely brainstorming exercise (meaning some of these might find their way into the blog, some may not, and others elbow their way in), here’s what I’ve got so far:

(note: these are but notes to myself, so they may seem a little cryptic…)

  • the five wits
  • a concordance dive (nothing? noting? listen/hear?)
  • fashion
  • family dynamics: the Messina household
  • family dynamics: two brothers
  • title
  • the use of antilabes
  • character disappearance
  • off-stage but on-screen
  • PLUS the usual discussions of
    • stage direction via dialogue
    • stage direction via verse
    • BAWDY!
    • midpoint

It’s a pretty small list for now… have any ideas? Offer them up in the comments below!

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