As You Like It: the Wrap-Up

So, our first two months back are done, and so is As You Like It.

And so?

I liked it. I wavered a bit toward the end, and for a while I thought it might bump Taming from my number three spot for comedies. But even the epilogue/concordance/midpoint couldn’t push it over the edge for me. So while I think it’s a better play than Taming, I still like Taming more. (I know, I know… but hell, I still have The Comedy of Errors as my second favorite comedy… so sue me).

Regardless of precise placement, I’ve got As You Like It in the the middle of the comedies, and around the middle of the plays overall.

I keep wavering… It’s like I know broccoli is good for me, but damn I just like pizza more.


The first play back is in the books. I made it. It felt good.

And now there’s nothing much to do, but look forward.


Much Ado About Nothing (Sep-Oct 2014)
Much Ado About Nothing (Sep-Oct 2014)

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