Happy Fourth of July!

Here’s wishing you all a safe, sane, happy, relaxing, but most of all, FREE Fourth of July.

I’ve just started listening to the audible.com book of Nigel Cliff’s The Shakespeare Riots, a non-fiction piece on the Astor Place Riot, a New York street brawl that had its beginnings in a rivalry between two Shakespearean actors, one American, the other English.

It’s a fascinating book, and it discusses the large and special role Shakespeare played in the lives of many Americans in the late 18th through the mid-19th centuries. Shakespeare was wildly popular in the new country and it was felt that his works were uniquely American in their messaging and morality.

So, on Independence Day, be a patriot, and read a little Shakespeare!

… or The Shakespeare Riots, available on both amazon and audible.

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