What I did on my thee-year summer vacation (part three)

As I mentioned last week, my wife turned me on to Prezi.com, a kind of next-gen PowerPoint tool, web- and Flash-based. Last year, Jack’s seventh-grade English/Language Arts teacher (having known my love for Shakespeare) asked me to come in and do a presentation.

Now six years earlier, I had done the same thing with Kyle’s class, and I still had that PowerPoint packed away, but I figured, I could spruce it up. So here’s the supplementary material for I did for that presentation… and I’ve got to admit, it went really well.

To start, click on the “Start Prezi” prompt at the movie’s center, then use your left and right keyboard arrows to navigate through the alphabet.

I did a tighter distillation of the above and focused just on the idea of a sonnet (the directions are the same as above).

I’ve got a Titus one, rolling around in my head… just got to coax that puppy out…