What I did on my Summer Vacation… my THREE-YEAR Summer Vacation


It’s been a while.

I’ve been working. And writing. Even got published. Under the pseudonym A.K. Amesworth (Akira Kurosawa Amesworth… or A.K.A.). Started a novel under that name, too.

Discovered Doctor Who.

Renewed my love of film noir and comic books.

My wife turned me on to Prezi.com, a kind of next-gen PowerPoint tool, web- and Flash-based. As an educator, she thought it might be a good tool for students to create projects, like an ABC book (where the student[s] could break down a subject and cover it–literally–from A to Z.

As a proof of concept, I put together a Prezi, just to see if I could. And since I was brand new at this, I didn’t want to get too ambitious and hit Shakespeare right off the bat.

So I went with the Doctor…

To start, click on the “Start Prezi” prompt at the movie’s center, then use your left and right keyboard arrows to navigate through the prezi.

I’ll share some others (you know, Shakespeare-related others) later in the month…