Make This Weekend a Dickey Three Weekend!

check your local listings… I’ve always wanted to say that

Tonight on the Smithsonian Channel, there is “The King’s Skeleton: Richard III Revealed.” This is a 90-minute special that goes over the discovery of the purported remains of the bunchback toad, the use of DNA evidence and skeletal analysis and to verify the identity of the bones and the possible cause of death… I’ve got the show DVR’ed and I’m hoping to follow up with a review or some remarks later next week.

And if your TV viewing time will monopolized by the NBA Finals or the battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup (go, Kings go!), or you just need something to listen to, the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC has released a podcast on the same matter, entitled, “I, That am Rudely Stamped: In Search of the Real Richard III.” I’m hoping to listen to that on the treadmill tomorrow, and–again–I’ll try to get some remarks to you next week.