Blame it on the Bossa Nova… or maybe that’s Boss Nuevo

Haven’t been blogging much lately. And I’m here to tell you why. But first some history. When I started this blog, I worked from home. No commute. A firm commitment to code only 8 hours a day. Lots of time to read then write. Then last year, I lost my job. Even more time to read and write (and write a novel, too). Back in December, a new job found me. The commute now sucked about an hour and a half total from my day, and I was able to squeak by with the reading and writing.

Now, however, my responsibilities at work have grown, my hours have grown, and my time (for reading, for writing, for family, for cooking, hell, for ANYthing) has shrunk.


Not a maybe: I WILL be back. When this job-storm has been weathered, I WILL be back.

And while I can rationalize and say that’s OK this month, what with the seemingly disposable Merry Wives, I can’t half-ass it next month, not with the classic and beloved As You Like It in the wings.

So what’s a poor boy to do?

So, that’s why I’m going on another hiatus.

Sorry, troops. Gotta make money (you know, the filthy lucre that pays the mortgage). And I don’t want to do a mediocre job on the rest of the Canon.

I’ll jot down some final thoughts about Merry Wives and do one more podcast (free-form and without script since I don’t even have time to write that this week), and then I’ll be only the occasional blogger for a while. Maybe I’ll toss in a review or two. Maybe I’ll review Shakespeare news on a podcast

Not a maybe: I WILL be back. When this job-storm has been weathered, I WILL be back.

We will see you anon!

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