2010 in Review

We started off the year with Richard the Third (killing off the first historical tetralogy). Then we hit two not-so-well-known comedies, Love’s Labor’s Lost and Two Gentlemen of Verona, followed by probably the most popular of the early comedies, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Then we hit my favorite play thus far, Romeo and Juliet.

And then?

Then we took a three month sabbatical as I worked on my novel, A Bloody Rose by Any Other. It was a wonderful experience. The book (or at least its synopsis and sample chapters) is with around 30 agents (ten have already passed).

After a wonderful trip to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, we came back on track in September for King John (yawn), followed by The (troubling) Merchant of Venice. And we’ve finished off the year with the first two plays of the second tetralogy, Richard the Second and The First Part of Henry the Fourth.

For 2010:

  • 9 plays read and discussed (15 total).
  • 296 Blog entries written (over 220K words; 510 entries for 380K total).
  • Over 9200 visits (14K total).
  • 38 Podcasts published for over 11 hours of content (63 podcasts for over 16 hours of content).
  • Over 58,000 podcast downloads (over 63K total).

For those who read us regularly, thanks for the visits… for those only listening to the podcasts, thanks for those downloads.  I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am… though that’s pretty doubtful.

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