Bawdy: uh, not so much

Yesterday, we discussed Richard the Second‘s metaphorical mother mother figure: the brain:

My brain I'll prove the female to my soul,
My soul the father; and these two beget
A generation of still-breeding thoughts,
And these same thoughts people this little world

— V.v.6

The mother is the brain; the father, Richard’s soul. And the sex (the “beget”-ting) is the only sex in the play (remember the “empty womb” from a few days back).

In fact, save for the rather chaste (and over intellectualized) intercourse above, there’s really no bawdy in the play (unless you want to count Bolingbroke’s accusation about Bushy and Green’s “sinful hours” [III.i.11]).

Fitting, I think, given our title character.

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