The Merchant of Venice: Final Thoughts

OK, I’d usually spend more time on a final note (and I might just revisit this in the opening days of next month), but as I’m out of town for a water polo tournament (Go Spartans!) and it’s Halloween weekend, Pa’s recovering from cataract surgery, Grandma B is seeing neurologists because of recurring minor strokes, Lisa’s battling either migraines or anti-migraine meds (take your pick which is worse), and I’m submitting paperwork for a new job (finally), as well as stories for a couple of contests/publications [yeah, I know… blah, blah, blah], I’m going to bare-bones this one:

The Merchant of Venice: not, in my opinion, an anti-Semitic play… though definitely set in an anti-Semitic world.

I think the play (if played straight and not for laughs) is more about hatred of one’s lot in life and self-loathing, and the revenge that can be meted out when one feels that self-hatred (whether it’s over being a closeted gay, a woman, or a Jew).

Yeah, I’m thinking more and more that the play is about revenge…

IF it is played straight and not for laughs.

But on the flip side, I’m wondering if this is just an incredibly weird and twisted COMEDY, one that doesn’t play today because even when we want to be irreverent and politically incorrect, there seems to be some lines that we simply will not cross.

It’s a mean world, ladies and germs, and this might be the perfect comedy for it…

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