Not What You Expected, eh?

OK, so… King John.

When I say those words, what do you think?

this is for those of you who haven’t read the play before… we’re just talking popular culture references here…

The Magna Carta (which was signed by him)

or maybe…

King Richard (the Lion-Hearted) going off on the Crusades, only to be captured and ransomed, a time during which, at least in the pre-Ridley Scott versions, Robin Hood rises to battle the dastardly plots of PRINCE John?

Yeah, I’m with you.

Only neither is in the play.

I’m not all the way through it yet… and you know me, I’m usually a fast reader. But the text here seems different: repetitive, slow, dense, going a long distance to say just a little, repetitive (I mean it, it’s repetitive… it’s repetitive).

of course, I’m fearing that all that mystery, detective, and hard-boiled reading I’ve been doing for my writing project has somehow damaged–hopefully temporarily–my Bard-reading abilities…

This, my friends, may take a while…

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