Titus? in the month of Dreams?

Completely non-A Midsummer Night’s Dream-related…

Back last August, when we were discussing Titus Andronicus, I wrote about the band Titus Andronicus out of New Jersey.  Well, their new album, The Monitor, has been released.  I downloaded it from Amazon… listening to it for the first time now.

Damned good stuff… there seems to be a Civil War vibe to it,but not without some anachronistic lyrical tosses:

I never wanted to change the world
But I'm lookin' for a new New Jersey
'Cause tramps like us
Baby, we were born to die...

— “A More Perfect Union”

Anybody who can reference Billy Bragg (“A New England“) and Bruce Springsteen (“Born to Run“) back-to-back, is all right in my book (and it’s not like Shakespeare never wrote an anachronism… clocks in Julius Caesar, anyone?).

Ah, nothing like hard rockin’ (punk?) as a backdrop to reading Shakespeare and coding a possible solution for our video conference later this month (I just discovered that Skype can do a conference call, but not a conference VIDEO call… more details to follow…)

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