OK, So…. The Dog is Dead…

It’s February 1, and technically, the month ended yesterday and with it, our discussion of Richard the Third.  But like everything else in the oversized legend of the ol’ Crookback, the month’s not even big enough to contain him.  While we should be moving on to Love’s Labor’s Lost today, I want to say good-bye to “misshapen Dick” (3HVI, V.v.35).

If January had another week in it, I probably would have hit some other topics, like

  • that whole saints question
  • that trimeter thing (both of those from the same original entry date)
  • sexual imagery in Richard’s language (I have a hunch there’s more there somewhere)
  • Richard as tragic hero

Alas, January has only 31 days, and they’re over, pal.

maybe in July of 2102, when The Tempest is over, I’ll hit some topics of choice/omission/obsession…

The bloody dog is dead… let’s lose some labors of love

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