Shakespeare’s English Succession of Kings… UPDATED!

OK, so a couple of months back, I put together a Flash app that laid out a rough family tree to tie together Shakespeare’s history plays (and Macbeth).  I did the original on Visio, then out put it to Flash, using Zoomify technology.

As I’ve gone through the first three plays of this first history tetralogy, I’ve been finding a couple of errors… not many, but enough to get me thinking about a revision.  More importantly, though, I’ve been finding holes in the chart… I needed more info (dates, who was which earl or duke of whatever, that sort of thing).

So I’ve done an update, one that traces the Mortimers back further, as well as the Plantagenets, plus linking Elizabeth Woodville to Lady Jane Grey… you know, that sort of thing.

And thus, here’s the new and improved version:

The Bill / Shakespeare Project:
Shakespeare’s English Succession of Kings

As always, think of this as a work in progress…  it’s better, but it’s still not as robust as I’d like it… but I’m not even sure if I’m a good enough coder to do what I want it to do.  Anyway, if you find any bugs, let me know.  The same goes for historical inaccuracies…

I’m STILL looking to publish play-specific PDFs of family trees, but you know the deal: so much to do, so little time…

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