Let us begin….

A new month, a new play.

Well, sorta on that “new play” point.  After all this is The Third Part of Henry the Sixth.  Part Three continues hot on the heels of the events of The Second Part (the first Battle of Saint Albans having just been won by the Yorkists).

Of course, there’s REAL issues with this title, too, as we shall see

Of course, The Third Part is NOT the original published (and assumed performance) title… that would be:  The True Tragedy of Richard Duke of York.

Ah, yes, another month…

btw, for those of you who are getting a little historical fatigue, be of good cheer: while the New Year will bring what is technically a history in Richard the Third, R3 FEELS less like the histories we’ve read the last few months, and much more like a tragedy…and sometimes is titled as such.

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