Henry the Sixth is History (part trois): Historical Timeline

History Timeline

Year Event
1421 Henry VI born
1422 Henry V dies
1427? Catherine (Henry V’s widow) secretly marries Owen Tudor
1430 Margaret of Anjou born
Edmund Tudor born to Catherine and Owen
1432 Plantagenet is granted Duke of York
1442 Edward (later Edward IV), son to Richard Duke of York, is born
1443 Edmund (Rutland), son to Richard Duke of York, is born
1445 Henry VI marries Margaret
1449 York sails for Ireland to fight rebellion
George (Clarence), son to Richard Duke of York, is born
1450 York returns from Ireland (September)
1452 Richard (Gloucester, later Richard III), son to Richard Duke of York, is born
York disbands his army
York arrested (March 10), but immediately pardoned
1453 King Henry suffers nervous breakdown (August; following Talbot’s defeat at Castillon, ending the Hundred Years War)
Queen Margaret gives birth to Prince Edward (October)
York demands Somerset’s arrest; Somerset arrested
1454 Parliament opened by York (February)
York appointed Protector of the Realm (March 27)
Henry regains senses (December)
1455 York resigns as Protector of the Realm (January)
Somerset released from prison
Battle of Saint Albans (May 22), the first open conflict of the War of the Roses; Somerset killed
Parliament (November 12) names York Protector of Realm (for Henry, after he is declared mad for second time)
Henry regains senses again (Christmas)
Edmund Tudor (age 24) marries Margaret Beaufort (daughter of John Beaufort; age 12)
1456 York resigns again as Protector of Realm; Margaret takes control of government (February)
1457 Edmund Tudor dies and 14 year-old Margaret Beaufort gives birth to Henry Tudor (Richmond)
1458 York and Warwick agree to pay reparations to families of those killed in Battle of Saint Albans
1459 York flees to Ireland when surrounded by Lancastrian forces
Parliament declares York, Salisbury and Warwick traitors
1460 Warwick raises army in Kent (June)
Warwick and Edward (son of York) march into London, welcomed by the people; Lancastrian forces withdraw north; Warwick pursues (July 2)
Battle of Northampton–Buckingham is killed; Henry captured by Yorkists and returned to London; Margaret and Prince Edward escape to Scotland (July 10)
Parliament passes pro-Yorkist resolutions
York returns from Ireland
York demands the throne from Parliament; York and Henry agree that Henry will be King until death, at which point York and his heirs will be next in line of succession (October)
Margaret raises an army in Scotland
York heads north with a small force to meet with Margaret (December)
Battle of Wakefield (December 30): Rutland killed (possibly by Clifford), York killed in battle
1461 Margaret retakes Henry and prepares to lay siege to London; Richard and George sent to the Netherlands for protection
Second Battle of Saint Albans (February 17): Lancastrian victory led by Margaret; Warwick retreats
Warwick and Edward join armies and head to London; Margaret retreats north to York; Warwick and Edward re-enter London and are welcomed as liberators
Council of nobles declare Edward King at age 21 (March 2)
Battle of Towton (March 28): Yorkist victory; Margaret, Henry and Edward flee to Scotland; Clifford killed in battle, his body hacked to pieces by Yorkists; Richard (8) and George (11) return from the Netherlands
Coronation of King Edward IV (June 29)
Richard sent to Middleham to train as a knight
1464 Edward marries Lady Grey in secret (May 1)
Battle of Hexham (May 15): Yorkist victory; Somerset killed
Warwick goes to France to negotiate Edward’s marriage to Lady Bonne (summer)
Lady Grey introduced as Queen Consort (September 29)
1465 Richard ends knight training at age 12
1467 Philip the Good Duke of Burgundy dies; Charles the Bold takes over; Charles has feud with France; England must choose a side in the conflict; over Warwick’s advice, Edward chooses Burgundy
1468 Edward’s sister Margaret marries Charles the Bold Duke of Burgundy
Warwick offers older daughter Isabella to George Duke of Clarence as bride; Edward forbids the marriage
1469 Niccolo Machiavelli born
George Duke of Clarence (age 20) marries Isabella Warwick (age 18)
a Warwick supporter, Conyers, starts a rebellion in the north; Edward sends forces to quell it; Warwick and Clarence announce support for rebels
Battle of Edgecote Moor takes place on July Lancastrian victory in which Pembroke is killed, after which Warwick and Clarence retreat to France (July)
Edward captured by Archbishop of York; imprisoned until October (summer)
1470 Through efforts of Louis XI, Warwick and Margaret of Anjou are reconciled; marriage between Prince Edward (age 17) and Warwick’s younger daughter Anne (age 14) arranged
Warwick returns to England; King Edward flees to Holland and Henry VI is reinstated as King of England (October)
Elizabeth (Lady Grey) gives birth to Edward (Edward V) while in sanctuary in Westminster Abbey (November 2)
Richard given independent military command at age 17
1471 King Edward returns to England with a Burgundy-financed army, lands at Ravenspurgh; besieges Warwick at Coventry; George Duke of Clarence rejoins his brother (March 12)
Margaret and her army set sail; a series of storms delay her landing (March 24)
Edward takes Henry from his sanctuary at St. Paul’s, imprisons him in the Tower of London; Henry’s second reign is over (April 11)
Battle of Barnet (April 14): Yorkist victory; Warwick and Montague (the two Neville brothers) are killed; Margaret lands at Weymouth with her army; first major battle for Richard (age 18)
Battle of Tewkesbury (May 4): Yorkist victory; Prince Edward captured and executed by George Duke of Clarence
Somerset captured and executed (May 6)
Margaret escapes and flees to Coventry
Margaret captured (May 11)
Henry VI found dead in the Tower of London (May 22)
Edward IV’s son Edward named Prince of Wales (June 26)
1473 Oxford captured while reinvading England (he was never at Tewkesbury)

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