Henry the Sixth is History (part deux): Historical and Military Timelines

History Timeline

Year Event
1421 Henry VI born
1422 Henry V dies
1423 Gloucester is named Lord Protector (Gloucester marries Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut)
1424 Richard Plantagenet (age 13) is betrothed to Cecily Neville (age 9) by Ralph Neville (Earl of Westmoreland)
1426 Beaufort becomes Cardinal
1428 Gloucester’s marriage to Jacqueline is annulled
Richard Neville born to Richard Neville (Salisbury)
1429 Gloucester ceases being Lord Protector
1430 Margaret of Anjou born
1431 Gloucester marries Eleanor Cobham
1432 Plantagenet is granted Duke of York
1441 Eleanor Cobham is convicted of witchcraft; marriage to Gloucester annulled; Cobham exiled and imprisoned
1442 Edward, son to Richard Duke of York, is born; later Edward IV
1443 Eleanor dies in exile on the Isle of Man
Edmund, son to Richard Duke of York, is born
1444 Treaty of Tours (Henry VI marriage agreement urged by Cardinal Beaufort and Suffolk); ten year truce announced
1445 Henry VI marries Margaret
1447 Parliament at Bury: Gloucester arrested for treason (February 11)
Gloucester dies (February 28)
Winchester dies (April 11)
York ordered to Ireland to fight rebellion
1448 Suffolk upgraded from Earl to Duke
1449 York sails for Ireland to fight rebellion
George, son to Richard Duke of York, is born
1450 Richard Neville the younger named Earl of Warwick
Commoners demand Suffolk’s arrest (January); Suffolk arrested (March 17) and banished (must leave by May 1)
Suffolk taken into custody while sailing from England (May 1); executed (May 5) at age 54
Cade’s Rebellion (June); Staffords killed in battle; Cade invades London without bloodshed
Cade captured and killed (July 12)
York returns from Ireland (September)
1452 Richard, son to Richard Duke of York, is born; later Richard III
York disbands his army
York arrested (March 10), but immediately pardoned
1453 King Henry suffers nervous breakdown (August; following Talbot’s defeat at Castillon, ending the Hundred Years War)
Queen Margaret gives birth to Edward (October)
York demands Somerset’s arrest; Somerset arrested
1454 Parliament opened by York (February)
York appointed Protector of the Realm (March 27)
Henry regains senses (December)
1455 York resigns as Protector of the Realm (January)
Somerset released from prison
Battle of Saint Albans (May 22), the first open conflict of the War of the Roses

Military Timeline

Year Event
1429 Charles VII crowns self King of France
1436 French take Paris
Henry VI names York (Plantagenet) named Lieutenant (Regent) of France
1437 York asks to be recalled from France
1440 York is renamed as Lieutenant (Regent) of France
Charles of Orleans released from custody over Gloucester’s objections
1449 French retake Rouen
1450 French defeat English at Formigny
1451 French take Bordeaux
1453 Talbot and son (ages 63 and 30, respectively) are defeated and killed at Battle of Castillon (Bordeaux), ending English rule of Gascony, effectively ending the Hundred Years War
1455 Battle of St. Albans (beginning of War of Roses)

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