Shakespeare’s English Succession of Kings

OK, so I’ve been working on a family tree to tie together Shakespeare’s history plays (and Macbeth).  I did the original on Visio… but the canvas got WAY too big, nearly 70 wide in is full size.  So how the heck was I supposed to present that?

I had been thinking a PDF… but a 70 x 50 inch PDF?… uh, no thanks.

So then I started looking at Flash and its zooming capabilities.

And thus, here you go:

The Bill / Shakespeare Project:
Shakespeare’s English Succession of Kings

As always, think of this as a work in progress… if you find any bugs, let me know.  The same goes for historical inaccuracies…

I’ll look to publish play-specific PDFs of family trees, but that ambition may overwhelm my already dearth of time…

Hope this helps with your reading of The First Part of King Henry VI

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