Shakespeare Comes to UCLA (my alma mater!)

No, it’s not a production… it’s kinda even better.

The Clark Library of UCLA (my alma mater and the best damn university in the world [OK, so I’m a *LITTLE* biased!]) is about to receive a $2 million collection of 72 books related to Shakespeare.  The Library, which I’m chagrined to say I’ve never heard of, is located off-campus in the West Adams area (for those of you who know LA), and houses a number of rare books.

Included in this new collection are a copies of Holinshed’s Chronicles and North’s translation of Plutarch’s Lives (these two being the basis for many of Shakespeare’s histories and a couple of the tragedies), a copy of an Italian story (translated by William Painter) called “Rhomeo and Julietta”–which was the basis for (… well, you know), a fourth folio edition of Shakespeare’s collected plays, and of special note for this month’s readers), a quarto edition (1619) of King Henry the Sixth.

There’s no date as to when the collection will arrive, but when it does, I may just have to play hooky from school one day and go on a little Shakespearean field trip!

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