Progress Report

Just for scat and laughs, I did a little data mining tonight… as of today:

  • 130 days
  • 140 entries, with over 100,000 words written (100,619 to be exact)
  • 4 plays read (we’re over ten percent done)
  • 15 podcasts (over three hours of content)
  • 3570 blog visits
  • 2127 podcast downloads
  • 308 subscribers to our podcast RSS feed; another 94 (either through RSS or Atom) to the blog itself
  • 240 Facebook fans
Up until this week, the podcast has been syndicated on fluctu8, podcastblaster, podcastalley, and zencast (… and we will be appearing on iTunes beginning next week!).
Thanks for joining the project… hope you’ve had fun, thus far… and we ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!

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