Mental Roadblock

Greetings, readers.

Hitting a mental roadblock today… not sure what to write about.  (of course, it doesn’t help, not one bit, that I’ve got a sore throat, and my enthusiasm for writing today is only slightly higher than my enthusiasm for work)

So, I’m going to do what I always do when these things happen:  Punt.

Anybody have any topic suggestions out there in the ether?

Here are some ideas that I’ve been mulling… but not sure if any of them will see the light of day on the blog:

  • I.iii — how do you play it?
  • Gloucester/Winchester — mudslinging
  • Joan — sexual mudslinging
  • a discussion of Kings… going backward from Henry V
  • the historical (as opposed to hysterical) Joan
  • authorship / order / titles
  • production
  • central character (or lack thereof)
  • cinematic structure

Any other ideas are more than welcome… they’re solicited!

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